Reservations Accepted

Parking Available

Accepts Credit Cards

Online Delivery: No

Take-out: Yes

Waiter Service: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No, Seasonal

Good for: Dinner

Coupons/Discounts: None



The bagels were still warm after we got them home - THEY DIDN'T EVEN NEED TO BE TOASTED! The smoked fish was super tender and delicious. The fresh cream cheese was a great delivery vehicle for the fish.

I've been here a few times while visiting Miami. I am total sucker for good deli food and this place does not disappoint! If you're craving some authentic bagels and lox, this is the place to go. Add a Doc Brown's Cream Soda and you're in East Coast flavor heaven.

Also, it's the only deli where I've ever seen a woman approach the counter and place her entire order in Spanish and have the guy behind the counter understand everything. Miami is so bilingual even the deli workers are fluent. Heh.

When I'm craving a New York-style bagel, I get my fill at Bagel Bar East.  Family owned and operated, the service is swift, the food is solid and this place is cheap! Read: it's a triple threat. Besides a spate of cream cheese shmears (chive, veggie, nova, etc.) to choose from, the challah french toast is also a must order.  Yum!

Pretty good bagels for South Florida. These places are disappearing so hurry up and eat here please and keep a few in business.



1990 NE 123rd St
North Miami, FL 33181